Meet the Curators of Magic at Katina

Taryn Rockwell | Owner

Taryn Rockwell has been immersed in the Restaurant Industry for over 20 years. During this time she has had a hand in redesigning the menu of a lucrative local restaurant, Ocean 302, bringing sales from $1,639,906.83 to $1,806,293.10 from 2017 to 2018! In this time she has also successfully served as the Marketing Director for Ocean 302 and The Beachside Market in Melbourne Beach. While fulfilling her role as the buyer for the marketplace, she frequently travels to national food shows to continue finding the best quality products for her community. As a pillar of the Melbourne Beach community Taryn spends her free time serving the Melbourne Beach Rotary Club. With Taryn leading as President of this local non-profit organization, the club has raised over $100,000.00 in charitable funds during her term in 2019.

Taryn is now ready to share her passion for food and wellness with the Downtown Melbourne community. As a tribute to a dear friend, Katlyn Leger, who passed away in July of 2018, Katina Modern Mediterranean was created. Katlyn was an aspiring Marine Biologist who had a passion for making the world a better and brighter place. To cherish Katlyn’s legacy forever, Taryn named the restaurant Katina, meaning all things pure. In addition to using wholesome and honest products, Taryn will also be donating a portion of Katina’s proceeds to conservation efforts to keep Katlyn’s legacy alive! Taryn has spent the last two years laying the foundations of success to make 

Katina, a community hub for Downtown Melbourne’s professionals and families, is Taryn’s pride and joy! It is a place for families, executives, and travelers to come together for a fresh wholesome meal and good company. Taryn combines a strong passion for creating with a love for giving back that inspired the magic that is Katina. Taryn’s biggest hope is that you can feel this love and magic the moment you walk through the door.